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Many clients over the years have needed help with repairs on their home. The contractors/vendors listed here are ones I’ve used and/or other Realtors have used and found to be professional, trustworthy and reasonable in price. I make no guarantee for anyone on this list and take no responsibility for their quality/prices.



Gibson Appraisal 408-927-9456

Evaluex (Jeff Ashlock) 408-206-0502

Appliance repair

Lara’s Appliance Repair 408-287-4911

Bathtub glazing

Doug Krause Diamond Glaze 408-535-0250

Concierge of all trades

At Your Service (Karin Doll-Nichols) 650-302-1927


Gridley Construction 408-429-8531


Edward’s Construction 408-985-0731

Crown molding/Baseboards/Cabinetry

Danny Garo (Crown Molding

Baseboards, Sheetrock & Texturing) 408-460-8159

Doors (including garage)

Interior Door Replacement 650-938-6878

San Jose Garage Door 408-379-8103


Anchor Electrican 408-921-9292

Larry Strom 408-395-8345

Sigma Electric Co. 408-309-0129

Floorings (Carpet,Tile,Laminate)

Finer Floors 408-297-0420

S&G Carpet - Natalie 408-350-9761


Unistruct - Vini Joy 650-361-0406

Huck Construction/Found. 408-298-2374

Larrabee & Associates 408-985-4121

Glass (Cutting, Windows, Tabletops)

Fontaine Glass 408-251-2442


Danny Garo 408-460-8159

Fernando Home Service 408-203-0205

Jeff Rose 408-712-4551

Heating & Air Conditioning

Vent Cleaners 800-793-0333

AAA Furnace & Air Conditioning 408-293-4717

Slakey Brothers-air filter cleaners 408-494-0460

House/carpet cleaners

Absolutely Clean (John Thompson) 408-356-1200

Clean It ‘til It Squeaks (Yilda Alvarado) 408-315-9527


Roger Esperza 408-806-2628


Scott 408-866-5811

Masonry/ Chiminey

Jones Masonry 408-377-7512


Lunardi Moving Service  408-849-9630

Painting (interior & exterior)

Dunn Brothers Painters 408-315-6391

Bill’s Works 408-246-5200


Cal State Plumbing 408-971-2032

AAA Plumbing 650-364-4935

Earthquake Plumbing 925-933-4800

American Leak Detection 408-929-5325

Pool Cleaners

Clean Sweep Pool 831-336-3296

Property Inspections


Tri-Star Home Inspection 408-266-2706


Well House Property Insp. 408 370-9192


Holman Property Inspections 877-863-1369 or 408-540-8079

Bob Holman


Bill Hamilton Roofing 408-379-1303

Cosmos Roofing 408-732-8093

Old Country Roofing 888-581-4040

Termite Inspections

Preferred Termite 408-532-6298

Van Hooser Termite 408-656-7820

Thrasher Pest Inspection  408 354-9944

Tree Trimming Services

Serrano’s Tree Servicing 408-269-8756

Water Heater Strapping

Mark Hett 925-462-8970

Tile Setting, Bath Remodel

Fernando Home Service 408-203-0205